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Lurkerz1 wrote

Personally I feel like I draw less attention with a smaller bag like drawstring style or like a Camelback one without the bladder insert. Although I agree the hardest part about a backpack is taking it off to put stuff in cause if someone sees you with it off even just barely MOST people would assume your stealing,keeping that in mind my favorite now is a camping backpack with a drawstring to close the top. Basically imagine a normal school backpack but instead of a zipper the top is a drawstring,thus I enter the store with it already loose so you can just toss shit in it and to close it's super fast.


Macy5 wrote

I feel like the best bag for the job is like a fanny pack


macspy OP wrote

Yep that’s the exact backpack that I used for the job. I just put it in the shopping cart and slipped items in when nobody was looking. But it’s only safest using a shopping cart. I went to 7-11 after and that was the real challenge. I’m gonna try a draw string bag next time. I’ll update.