PSA: Staples is easy as hell to steal from

Submitted by Yourlocallifter in Shoplifting

Today I went in Staples with a backpack on and a bike helmet. I went to the gaming peripherals section (headsets keyboards mouses etc) so I grabbed a Razer Firefly (RGB Mouse Pad), unlocked the spider wrap put it in my bag, went back to the peripherals section and grabbed a Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2 gaming keyboard, went to the bathroom, unlocked spider wrap, and somehow stuffed it in my backpack. I then just walked out with no alarms and no one asking to search me.


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BeardedLifter wrote

Got my Staples for the first time last week. Was astonished at the lack of security, grabbed $45 worth of Iphone accesories. Sometimes I'm more sketched when I don't see a lot of cameras because it's "too easy" and I can't believe it. So none of that stuff was source tagged huh ? Incredible aha.


Yourlocallifter wrote (edited )

If I go back within a month, I will get some iPhone accessories and PROBABLY a gaming headset. Staples doesn’t have any gaming mouses out (display box only, but I will have to go rock Walmart for the mouse.


BeardedLifter wrote

Yeah, mine sadly seemed like "most things" over $50 only had the empty boxes out. Struggles. Didn't get to see if they did though for PC stuff. What are your specs? Mines all RGB out lol. 1060 6gb gpu and a ehhhh i5 6700 cpu.


Yourlocallifter wrote

No Razer doesn’t source tag. I will be using the mouse pad and keyboard since I’m building a gaming pc and I need as much rgb as possible. lol