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Lurkerz1 wrote

Yes youd be totally good and they wouldnt be waiting on you to return either cause it's not like they have your ID to identify you and even if they did theres not a single store that would sit on paperwork waiting for a 10$ shoplifter to return and then nab him. They will be devoting there time and manpower to nab guys like me, I literally just hit Walmart for 1,000+ a 4k smart TV, 4k Blu-ray like 10 roku's and more and I'm not the only person who goes big like that SO in comparison your theft is almost irrelevant


GarbageTimeAllStar OP wrote

how do you get that sort of stuff outta there? I'm not really doing this to make money, just to save money, I'm sick of paying a fiver for a can of monster and a power bar lol