Best Buy / Costco - Gaming Laptops

Submitted by fishmagician in Shoplifting

I was looking at Gaming laptops. Most of the displays are attatched to USB alarms which I can't really figure out a realistic way past. Some of the displays were equipped with simple thin cable locks which I could easily clip and make off with the display. (I'm aware the tools arent great to have on you)

My questions are:

  1. forget the displays? better off trying to get one out of the locked cases at Best Buy without being noticed by a worker, relocating it and coming back for it later?(Costco instead uses a cardboard card that you pay for at checkout)
  2. if I did snip one of the displays how would you go about getting it out of the store? Would you bag it? Would you go for the main exit or one of the fire exits, which are very low traffic and much closer.


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Lurkerz1 wrote

I dont have personal experience in this but the fire exits alarms will sound, they will get your face on camera leaving that door, and most modern fire exits have 10 sec delay on the doors to prevent this type of theft. Are you good at lock picking? If so picking the case and hiding it to come back and bag it later is probably the best bet...update please!


Throwdown321 wrote

Gaming laptops, are probably not very good quality if bought in stores, people usually get them online shops, but for shoplifting purposes. If you have those special pin locks to open the cases, then go ahead. i think its better to pick the case. i wouldnt use the fire exits as costco, if you can hide what your stealing at costco you maybe able to walk out the front door. The "reciept checker" dont pay that much attention, if you dont have a reciept. the display laptops usually have some alarm attached, if you cut it might go off.