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slickwillie79 wrote

I've lately given up on selling stuff I lift and find the savings are more worth it for me. You can afford to be less greedy and lift with less risk when it's just for you. Tonight I just came from the mall with 2 gym shorts, 3 sweat pants, and a tshirt for $36. I always buy something when lifting in malls especially mine which is upscale with heavy security. I steal almost everything I need, even fucking toothpaste lol! Seriously, saving money with this skill is where I think it's at as opposed to moving stolen shit online.


Lifted_Hickory wrote (edited )

I mostly lift big expensive stuff that I keep or give to people. I did find an item that is very expensive but a low theft item. Nabbed three via a walk out and ended up selling for $500. Plan on getting four more and selling them for a slightly high cost per unit. I generally don't boost. My lifting is to pad out my normal salary and is generally limited to household necessities.

But if I chose to I could easily do maybe $1500 a month being safe from LP and all.


Lurkerz1 wrote

Last week I racked around 1300 in just 1 week but that's going HAM probably shipped out like 60 packages total that week of items


Amberzey wrote

There's an ebb and flow. Some things I sell, I haven't lifted. I'm also one of those extreme couponers. So I usually pay $1-$3 For entire bundles of household items that I sell for $20-30 depending on the items. Around holidays I can easily pull in 500 a week on lifted items like makeup and skincare.


Azballer97 wrote

Probably $750 per month. I sell mostly to kids at my college.


FreezingScreen wrote

Last month, I’ve probably made $2000+ worth of stuff. But everything was split between my buddy and I.