New local WM policy

Submitted by liftingisfun in Shoplifting

All backpack and bags must be left in lockers outside the store. Only the cigarette isle and self service check out registers are open after 9pm. Every other isle has a plastic chain across to prevent access. Every isle now has a camera about six feet high at the beginning and end of the isle. Under each camera is a sign saying actively monitored. In the middle of every isle is a small CCTV showing everyone walking down the isle. Any of the cameras or monitors could be touched by any customer placed very low.


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[deleted] wrote


liftingisfun wrote

No not at all.


Macy5 wrote

Lol. I also think it’s high left place.

Holy shit that’s strict xD


liftingisfun wrote

Live in the Islands and it is in a very good part of town.


Throwdown321 wrote

sounds like a high theft, walmart figured out people target well of neighborhoods as well. Does this happen only after 9pm, you might want to do this during busy hours.