Power Outage

Submitted by Amberzey in Shoplifting

I look forward to a time when the power goes out, even just for a little while, while "shopping". It's only happened to me personally once during a tornado type situation at a Wal-Mart. It took them almost half an hour to round us all up and kick us out. If I recall, it was in 2000 or 2001. All my friends got makeup for Christmas lmao.


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liftingisfun wrote

Hope you nailed them good I remember being at Best Buy it was still daytime but they escorted people out one at a time.


ThievinKitten wrote

Man, wish this would happen to me while I'm in an electronics store. Heart eyes.


Throwdown321 wrote

This happened to me at toysrus before it was permanently closed a few years later back in mid 2000s or earlier, the power went out and i decided to steal MTG CARDS at the time, i was stuffing them in pocket like no tomorrow, until one dude came in a flashlight and i had to leave because i was spooked, it was pitch dark so nobody can see anyone.