Costco phone

Submitted by liftingisfun in Shoplifting

At my Costco Samsung phones are retrieved after purchase at register. However I found a very high end new one still in case that was left unattended at the phone kiosk. Due to the store being extremely busy on holiday weekend I took the phone and hid it behind coffee bags then left the store without purchasing anything.

Can a new phone be tracked? If not and I go back Tuesday and the phone is still where I put it should I steal it or is this still to risky?


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NewlyLifted wrote

If it’s an iPhone, always. If it is an android demo phone, usually they won’t go through the effort of setting it up. If it’s new in box, no. You can’t track it. If they really care enough they could remotely deactivate the imei so you can’t use it on cellular networks. Just I wouldn’t try selling it anytime soon since the s/n would appear stolen


Macy5 wrote

I agree with what this guy is saying.

But in the end. You can always fake ignorance.

Like I brought this new from a guy off Craigslist for like $200


Throwdown321 wrote

they might be able to deactivate with imei on new phones, its best to sell it overseas if you can.