Kay, so...

Submitted by ThievinKitten in Shoplifting

Say there's this electronics store in a large mall here in a smallish city in Deutschland, and say there are PCs and laptops laying around unsecured everywhere, but they're spiderwrapped and there are of course towers and sometimes LP lurking about.

If I were to hypothetically sneakily remove said spiderwrap from aforementioned electronics, how likely is it that these bad boys have other tags that will set off the towers?

Any advice lifting PCs, laptops, and game consoles generally?

I have no experience lifting stuff like this but it seems like it'd be so easy on a crowded day. LP in most retail and drug stores around here are super incompetent or just straight up don't care.

I just know that lifting electronics is different than food, cosmetics, and clothing.

Any helpful responses are greatly appreciated!


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Drshoplifter wrote

Usually items have no other tags on them. If the alarm goes off just ignore and keep walking.