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Throwdown321 wrote

I stole blizzard games like that, just opened the whole box and took out only the cd, I decided to steal diablo 2 again, because it was such a nostalgic game, me and my brother just took the large diablo box at a Mall target, and one of the mall entrances had a spacing in between the security towers, we just slip out around the towers, Rarely like 1% of the time there is a person standing guard there. however we did activated the security towers at a JCPENNIES in the mall, but we went into the bed area with all the drapes, so we couldnt be seen, and i believe we removed any neccesary contents of the game and got away with it. warcraft 3 was different. but now some of the old blizzard games. We havnt stolen any pc games anymore, because there were so many other free games, you just buy into anyways over time.