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First time poster and just found this place. I figured I would share how I lifted hundreds of PC games for the past two decades. Now bare in mind I never shared this. The only problem is nowadays is how the developers are packaging their games. Back in the day they where cardboard boxes instead of plastic cases. Plus one other detail... The only games I know that come in this particular box to this day is Blizzard games. Their game box has a flap and has a bind just like a book. Opening the flap, you will notice the bind and you can insert a razor between the glued area.

First buy the game. When in the car or at home, using a razor, you want to slowly work your way cutting the glue in the bind. Using a fresh razor works best and I can't stress this enough, work SLOW. Any major pressure and the razor will slice through the box. You just want to cut the glue away. Once all the glue is cut away, you'll be able to pull the cardboard away exposing the contents of this game box. Work slowly. You don't want to rip the box. Pull out the game disk or just remove the cdkey/registration code card. With super glue, reseal the game box back up. No seals were broken or cut so you can return the game for full price and cash back. Unfortunately, some unlucky sap will buy if they put it back on the shelves. If you do a image search you can probably find the type of game box I mean. Look for Overwatch or a copy of a World of Warcraft expansion.

**After years of doing this, I did have one lady at Walmart cut the box open, destroying the resell value to check the contents. Since it was a Blizzard game, all I wanted was the key code and she just looked for a game CD to be in the box. It was one of the many times, I just did it in my car and returned immediately within 20min. She was still suspicious. Oh well. **It was so lucrative for me, I kept this a secret for a long time.


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martasultan wrote

Unfortunately, some unlucky sap will buy if they put it back on the shelves.

That's my main concern w/ this; I'm happy fucking over Walmart, less so fucking over Walmart shoppers.


ElectroKool wrote

Too bad I already bought the Blizzard games :/


Chickenbone wrote

Still could sell the codes.


Throwdown321 wrote

I stole blizzard games like that, just opened the whole box and took out only the cd, I decided to steal diablo 2 again, because it was such a nostalgic game, me and my brother just took the large diablo box at a Mall target, and one of the mall entrances had a spacing in between the security towers, we just slip out around the towers, Rarely like 1% of the time there is a person standing guard there. however we did activated the security towers at a JCPENNIES in the mall, but we went into the bed area with all the drapes, so we couldnt be seen, and i believe we removed any neccesary contents of the game and got away with it. warcraft 3 was different. but now some of the old blizzard games. We havnt stolen any pc games anymore, because there were so many other free games, you just buy into anyways over time.