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123angelnoob wrote

I saw this at Nordstrom fitting rooms. Is there any way to bypass this? Since we will need to use magnets to remove the tags in the fitting room?


Trustwh0m wrote

There’s a high end department store here in Berlin that has these. I believe it’s more adapted in European countries.

The trick is not to demagnetize, but to remove the tag intact from the clothing.


slickwillie79 wrote

I've been worrying about stores adopting these for awhile now. They just might eventually be the norm one day. But on the other hand, companies might think it's not worth the money. All companies have to do is mark up the prices so people who pay make up for our theft lol :-P Companies will always opt for the least amount of effort for the most money... so even if they do become the norm, it wont be for awhile


ElectroKool wrote

How do u spot these?


BeardedLifter wrote

Like a few other people said, looks like they're for extremely high end stores. I've never ever seen one, was just wondering if anyone has. Looks like they're just black boxes on the wall though.


Amberzey wrote

I haven't. This is possibly just for super high end stores? I doubt my local target or wm is going to invest that kind of money. Could be wrong.


Whatchagonnado wrote (edited )

Your local Walmart and target are both billion dollar chains. Guarantee they’ll have them eventually.


Macy5 wrote

Lol. How high class are you going xD

If it’s just your regular like. Express/Abercrombie/Macy and stuff. I don’t think they’ll have it. Unless you’re in a bad area. Where they have to have it. #like bullet proof window for McDonald’s lmao