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Worthmentioning wrote

Cause it's very brazen. They had very strong motives. But that's another story. That's what it must take.
Good insight here, lol, thanks. It's possible yet definitely not under the radar. Gotta have them steely balls, yo! Haha Have them and damn near anything's possible. Also, they did it in broad daylight when nobody's expecting it. At night I'm sure they either put stuff away or have security.


BLee wrote

Around my way they leave a lot out at night.

So if you need some nice potted plants or duraflame logs, it's like christmas.

But getting locked up for a few months because you stole $501 worth of philodendrons isn't a good look when talking to your cellmates.


BLee wrote

I agree. Now I'll admit I've never done anything of that magnitude, however I've done the whole "there's no way that guy just walked out the front door with X, right?"

I'd be more comfortable attempting the above during a busy time instead of 4am.

But's it's not worth it long term.

My hat's off for the big balls they must have had.


Throwdown321 wrote

im pretty sure thats felonies worth of stolen goods, its not really shoplifting anymore as its just felony theft. probably hudrends for each equipment each time, the police could be waiting or be suspicious.