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BLee OP wrote

Yes I've had 7 S3's through my short career.

Just go into the garden section at walmart overnight and have fun.

I've dumped a few S3's when I've gotten spooked. I rely a lot on my gut feelings, and sometimes I'll just dump the key just incase.

Def not worth catching a burglary charge over a shoplifting one over a key.

One time I was sure they were on to me so I took one and flung it as far as I could over the metal gates out back. And the son of a bitch hit the fence and stuck to it.

But getting back on topic, yeah I've just never seen a golf detacher. I'm going to assume it's attached with a lanyard. Only place I can think of that MIGHT have it is Rite Aid. Maybe BB&B since they use EAS and not Alpha ones.