Golf Detacher in store?

Submitted by BLee in Shoplifting

I don't believe I've ever seen one used in a store.

S3's are everywhere. So are the hook detachers (built into the table too at Macy's)

But never the golf detacher.

I only ask because I have one on order but was thinking about "borrowing" one like the 7 S3's I forgot to give back.

Anyone seen one in the wild?


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BLee wrote

Yeah I've had a couple of hooks along with the S3's

I'm going to keep my eye out for the golf detachers unless someone here knows something I don't.


Uk_Lifts wrote

Yeah I’ve seen plenty “in the wild” there stuck down underneath the cashier desk & there’s a hole in the desk & they just put the tag over the top & the tag pops off I’ve managed to get 1 for free outa some little clothes shop it was just next to the till not screwed down no1 was looking so it got took!


BLee wrote

Good info UK.

I'm going to look at a few local stores and see.

I'll peek under the desk as you suggested.


Macy5 wrote

Nope. I have not seen a Golf Detatcher in the wild lol. Someone on here lied to me and said it was in Walmart.(Liar)

But the hook is only like $5

You have 7 S3 Key?!?!!

Send one to meeee <3


BLee wrote

Yes I've had 7 S3's through my short career.

Just go into the garden section at walmart overnight and have fun.

I've dumped a few S3's when I've gotten spooked. I rely a lot on my gut feelings, and sometimes I'll just dump the key just incase.

Def not worth catching a burglary charge over a shoplifting one over a key.

One time I was sure they were on to me so I took one and flung it as far as I could over the metal gates out back. And the son of a bitch hit the fence and stuck to it.

But getting back on topic, yeah I've just never seen a golf detacher. I'm going to assume it's attached with a lanyard. Only place I can think of that MIGHT have it is Rite Aid. Maybe BB&B since they use EAS and not Alpha ones.