Clothing tags

Submitted by 0siris in Shoplifting (edited )

Without a golf magnet, can you guys list some methods and some steps to remove the most common tags like gator and ink tags.


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GwenQuin wrote

Recently got some clothes out of the store with a booster bag then burned the tags to remove them. It worked pretty well.


Macy5 wrote

But you pliers. You rush cutting into the clothing :/

Just drop like $25 on a golf magnets on eBay. Now all the clothes are good as new


NewlyLifted wrote

Pliers 100% work the best for gator tags, but I wouldn’t recommend them, since they are somewhat hard to conceal and if you get caught it could easily be considered a felony since you came with the intent to steal. I would recommend a rubber band, wider and thicker ones work best, and make sure it’s quality and won’t just snap. With a rubber band you can hide it so easily and since it’s just a rubber band they won’t be able to count it as a tool. Just wrap it inbetween the gator tag and the pin, then twist the gator tag off. Takes a little longer and more effort but much safer imo.