Better? Multiple small hauls versus single large haul?

Submitted by BLee in Shoplifting

Long time lurker :)

I'm curious about everyone's opinion on this.

Say you wanted 5 widgets that are for sale. They sell for $10 each.

Does it make more sense to obtain the 5 widgets from 5 different stores? Or does it make sense to obtain the 5 at the same time?

Does the 5 missing from the shelf draw more attention when they see the 5 gone versus a given store missing 1?

What does everyone think?


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Lurkerz1 wrote

I say its totally item dependent with the example you used 5 10$ items I'd definitely just take them all at once a theft like that even if you clear the shelf isnt huge moneywise so they wouldnt look into it much...now if your talking 5 Nest Thermostats definitely hit 5 stores and spread it out


BLee wrote

Thinking rotating different types of widgets takes care of the pattern issue.

When planning which of these scenarios does everyone think is better?

For example:

I'll be an hour away from home and I have time to go to 5 stores.

Should it be STORE ABC, STORE ABC, STORE ABC, STORE ABC and STORE ABC in 5 different locations in a row...


I'm just working out the variables and being safe.


BLee wrote

Good advice so far.

I see the advantages/disadvantages with both.

Trying to find the correct balance between being on video walking into five stores versus the one.

Don't want a single store possibly sharing information with their sister sites and me strolling on in for more widgets.

I find myself debating it all the time while researching where to go next.


Drshoplifter wrote

I definitely take a little at a time from different stores. That kind of theft goes unnoticed. If you steal all 5 widgets from the same store all the time, and they cant catch you. Theyll lock the widgets up or store them in the back room so you can no longer steal them.


Thanksreddit wrote

I'd spread out lifts of multiples across stores and pull them off all in a day or two in case someone notices a trend forming


Jsmith wrote

Hey guys, i'm done with getting taken advantage by the system and think this is a better way to make cash. Any tips for a newbie?


Throwdown321 wrote

Depends on which stores, high shrink stores like inner city, "neighborhoods" might notice the items as soon as they are stolen. I would just steal it all at once, and not visit the same store for at least a month. 5 items from 5 different stores seems pretty time consuming and cumbersome to do.


BLee wrote

So say the particular store is far from home and they'd never see you again, be more aggressive?

Obviously I'd be in "STORE ABC" again, but never THAT specific one.

Just working everything out and trying to be as smart as possible considering.


Macy5 wrote

Lol. Depends on how often you’re gonna go to that store.

Let’s say that store is 30mins away and you visit like once a month or something. Take all 5 and bounce lol

But if it’s your neighbor store that you go often. Then take 1 and go somewhere else and take 4

Remember. Don’t take too much from places you go often. :3