What to do with tags?

Submitted by MinecraftLad in Shoplifting

Say I walk into a store, detag something I want and then conceal it and all goes well. But where do I put the spider wrap or tag? I remember someone saying under a shelf is bad because eventually they will check cameras or put more security there so where should I put it?


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Amberzey wrote

If there's trash cans on the sales floor, trash them. If not, double tag something. Or tag a random. Or just leave it on the sales floor.


Thanksreddit wrote

If you leave it on the floor put it in a dept that actually has spider wraps like pots and pans or sporting goods


MinecraftLad wrote

Most of the stores near me don't have trash cans inside besides the grocery stores. I like the idea of double tagging another box but its a bit risky if an employee catches me trying to tag something.


Macy5 wrote

I put them in my cup. Like a Styrofoam cup. And then dispose them in whatever trash can I find lol