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Humble wrote

Anyone from London? I really want to hit jacket shops in Central. Like outdoor goretex

Also need to buy a magnet. I’m up for just rushing out though LOL. Diversions Tactics as I’m black haha


Xela91 wrote (edited )

Dress smart and not like a hoodlum be polite to throw them off do everything you can to look innocent as you are already at a disadvantage lol . But hey if you got balls to just grab n dash go for it. Just hide face and dont go back for a good few month lol


Uk_Lifts wrote

Hiya nah I’m not from them ends but I can tell ya we’re 2 get ya magnet I got mine from eBay a golf 15000gs magnet cost 21quid proper cheep every tag ive tried gets um off it came from Hong Kong said it was gonna take 2months to come came in a week & a half well quick. Type this item number in eBay 292659157515 that’s the magnet