Best chains to shoplift electronics from in the US?

Submitted by NewlyLifted in Shoplifting

Need to get 2 Bluetooth speakers, one for myself and my friends birthday is coming up. I’d like to get name brand, quality speakers. Something nice. I heard nightmares about bestbuy and target and don’t really want to take the risk with them. What are the easiest stores in your opinions for Getting high quality consumer electronics?


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Lifted_Hickory wrote

Yep. Walmart and since the holidays are approaching places like home Depot will have some as well. WM is very different store to store as previously stated. Go scope out a few and you'll likely find one that's easy and lax on LP.


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

Easy answer: Walmart after 10pm

It really depends on where you live. There are stores with no LP and almost no cameras. And then there are stores with cameras galore and LP checking out your every move.

It's all up to you; but consider visiting other Walmarts to see if you can find a less secure one


Throwdown321 wrote

from my experience stores that are in towns, or inner cities, or super-walmarts usually are higher shrink. but walmarts and other stores that are in a mall area, that are technically outside a city are easier to steal from.


NewlyLifted wrote

I can’t go out after 10 almost any night, so Walmart would be very difficult for me :( office max has speakers according to their website, they might be easy. Do you know if they have their speakers out or are they in a case or something?