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Megalomaniac wrote

It really depends on the situation of the individual.

If there's zero "need" to shoplift then stop now (or extremely soon) if you're getting tired, afraid of getting sloppy, or just don't want to push your luck too hard. Especially if you have loved ones/dependents. That "one more haul" can easily be the last one. Even a pro can have one off day - all it takes is one a*hole customer to walk by at the wrong time and nark. Gameover. If it was me, I'd get one last thing I truly want above all else that's within my skillset & comfort level and claim it as a trophy.

If there's a "need" then immediately upon meeting it. Pay off debt, rent, whatever said need is and replace the income with an actual job. Maybe just a smidge over to have an emergency savings started. Kinda where I'm at. The second I can live without feeling like I'm drowning in soul crushing debt is the second I'm done. (So $4-6kish, but part of that's supplemented by legit income of course.)

If there's zero people that depend on the person, and they just don't give a damn then never stop. Seriously, some jails are better than being free. No debt, no bills, no unnecessary junk cluttering your life, guaranteed food & shelter, etc. Especially great if you're homeless or if being homeless is a better alternative to one's current situation. Not going to lie, there was one point in my life where I would have happily stayed in jail instead of having to deal with everyday bs.

Of course if one has none depending on them, this may very well be a part of who they are for better or worse. Maybe it's a rush, maybe it's fun, maybe they just want/need stuff & thangs, etc. and that's okay whatever the reason. As long as they know the risk and fully accept the consequences then go for it as long as they want. "Whatever makes one happy so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else."

Heck, sometimes I'll lift a bunch of necessities (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, protein bars, etc.) around Christmas and summer and donate them to those in need. Fulfills my "need" to lift and does good for the world. Whether they choose to or not Walmart/other big entity can do some good for the world. 🖕

Just my perspective.