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Throwdown321 wrote

its not a chance encounter of getting aught, but depends on many factors. lets look at some things. are you in school, and need money to live? probably steal stuff. if your Degree or career depends on a clean record, and if you job lined up, probably not a good idea to steal until you settle down in your job. -if you have children, you might need to re-evaluate your shoplifting life?

-when it comes to stealing, greed is usually the reason people get caught, because as soon as you want more after you already stolen you become very reckless and start ignoring the fact that thier are cameras, Employees, both undercover and normal security. you already see all those video heist, people try to steal thousands, but they become greedy and attempt to steal more at another store in a short amount of time, at this point they are already all over the news and cops are ready preperaing to set up stings.( the famous costco heist a few months back)

BEING charged with a misdeameanor crime is enough to scare people into giving up. -being complacent, arrogant or cocky while stealing is also a sure sign of getting caught. As alot of people in the subreddit were just that, they were caught. dont be the person that blame the forums for making them to steal, its definitely a self-made choice to steal. if your feeling stealing is becoming too much of a hassle, quit stealing then.