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Whatchagonnado wrote

There are certain rules to follow and you could probably shoplift forever, It is not statistically correct to say that eventually you will get caught. Here’s why.

Every time you shoplift, you have an equal chance of getting caught and not getting caught. Doing it a million times is NEVER going to change that equal chance.

Here is another way to explain it. Flip a coin. Are the odds of heads or tails equal? Sure. Now flip it 1 million times. Do your odds of getting either side increase over the other? Nope. That’s bc every time the possibility is caught/not caught.

That is-providing you follow the rules as much as possible. The big ones:

  1. Be white. Better yet be old and white.
  2. Respect the enemy- I can’t stress this enough. If you find yourself laughing at the LP somewhere, stop that shit. Tighten up, bc every time is like the first time, whether it’s $5 or $500.
  3. Don’t get greedy- once you get good at shoplifting you’ll almost get a feeling- the place will tell you what you can get away with. Don’t go over that.
  4. Keep walking, of course. Never stop.

ThisIsLogicCalling wrote

Jesus this is just wrong. The odds of you flipping a coin 20 times and it hitting the same side everytime are tremendously low. You are brushing off the biggest risk of shoplifting. You only have to give ofd that one que and you are fucked. Lp can be wrong many times. Its a total numbers game in their favor.

Not only that, if LP has detected you and your pattern and are watching for you then your odds of getting caught are not independent of the last time you came in. Shoplifting has many factors outside of a casino game of chance.


Ferrosplice wrote

Shoplifting isnt just a flip of a coin. If you're good you have much higher chances of not getting caught as opposed to someone bad at it.