Target fitbit

Submitted by Throwaway52 in Shoplifting (edited )

I work at target and i was putting a fitbit in the back because it wouldnt go out and i forgot to actually stow it and just left it there. It has been a few months and its still there, can i open it (out of view if cameras, backroom isles really small) and take out the fitbit, close the box back up, and take just the fitbit? Anyone know anything about target lp/ap? I figure eventually they would find the box and either sell it or figure our its empty on their own. So If they did look back on th cameras, how far back would they look? Could i move the now empty box to another area inconspiculosly so they find it somewhere else or would it just be best to keep it where it is at? Obviously the safest (and smartest) thing to do is just not steal it, but if I did what are the chances id get caught if someone finally found it 6 months from now? Im mostly concerned with if they did find the box in the back, does anyone know how far they would go to figure out who stole it?


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Amberzey wrote

Pocket it while you're taking the box to management. Be the hero.


Macy5 wrote

I think it’s best to throw it out then collect it later.

Like after store hours. Or maybe that’s me. Idk I wouldn’t risk it. Since you work there. They kind of know you aggaha


Throwaway52 wrote

I cant really go after hours, but the backroom isnt very busy at all. I was thinking of taking the fitbit, and then discreetly mixing it in with trash and throw the box out in the trash compactor with the rest of my trash


Throwdown321 wrote

i heard targets LP, and investigations into EMployee lifters is pretty much top-notched. probably not a good idea, for a simple fitbit. If there is a trash can inside the room where the fitbit is, i would do the trash mixing. make sure they dont have cameras, it would be suspicious if you were going in when your not suppose to.