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Drshoplifter wrote

Did you pay for the guacamole? My advice is to try to get it off your record. If your not guilty there will be plenty of evidence with the camera system


Shortstack163 OP wrote (edited )

It will not be on my record. I am more concerned about being banned from Kroger as it is the only grocery store anywhere close to me.

No I did not attempt to pay for the guac. I went straight to the exit


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

as long as they dint arrest you, your fine. I would just go to a different kroger, i got caught at costcos(in the early 2000s for attempting to steal a gba game, was forced to buy it) and they said i was banned there for a while, i still went to other costcos, because i believe they cant immediately recognize you as thy dont have cameras. However i did not go back to that costco i was caught at for a few years. same with target got caught there, involved police but i eventually went back there(i had several close calls from other targets though. arrest will often result in your being "booked" aka fingerprinted being registered in LEO database, the whole thing. and it might include an actual charge like petty theft or misdeameanor, this will be on your criminal record forever, However you can expunge and seal the charges(you have to ask the court to do this) if your planning on getting employment, some employers are immune to "expunged seal records though". also if your banned, just go to another kroger and steal there, but be warned if they catch you again, and they have a picture and the copy of your Id you will get charged with trespassing.