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LiftMeUp77 wrote

Sephora—this was kind of freaky. A couple of months ago, I was attempting to lift a couple palettes, lippies and one of my white whale items the Beach Walk perfume. Welllllp somehow I caught the eye of this LP/SA who then took it upon herself to follow me like clingwrap from aisle to aisle. Seriously she was CLOSE—and like all LP, making it super obvious what she was doing. Thanks to anti-anxiety meds, I wasn’t freaking out too much but the perfume WAS concealed in my bag and I needed her to back away for 10 seconds so I could get rid of it. Finally after we walked around the store for 25 mins, she left me alone & I ditched the perfume (but kept the rest of the goods) and got the hell out. I read recently that both Sephora & Ulta stalk their perfumes like a hawk, so it makes sense I guess. Needless to say, I haven’t been back there since.