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Gizmo wrote

Tell her not to worry, but I wouldn't suggest she do any more lifting if she is that worried about things....

If this stuff happened three years ago there is no way anyone is coming after her for anything..

Most of the time, they are going to be looking for people who are lifting thousands of dollars worth of merch...

Let your friend know she has nothing to worry about :)


nomore wrote

Thanks for the quick reply :)

She has not lifted in years so thankfully that's one less thing to worry about for her. There's probably no one actively searching for her... but she says she's worried about a possible warrant existing. Do you think she should worry about that, or is the amount too little that they probably didn't care to follow up once she stopped going back (assuming they even noticed her to begin with..)?


Throwdown321 wrote

theres no possible way she has a warrant, she would have to be arrested, or had a cop give her a charge, like a fine she never paid, that my a result in a warrant. They dont even know who she is, as they never identified her, or even noticed that she stole anything. If she is worrying about this all the time, its extremely ill-advised for her steal again, since she only done in a time of desperation, not like a habitual thing like us on this forum.


Uk_Lifts wrote

Hey it was 3 years ago she’s well in the clear! Ur right if they wanted to they would of stopped her you don’t just notice someone shoplifting & then do nothing, she hasn’t been seen she’s just got major paranoia about it tell her she’s cool 😎