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Drshoplifter wrote

Games are hard because they’re usually kept in a locked display case :/


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote (edited )

You want some games? 👀

Target/Bestbuy has them out and in sad little alpha boxes where I'm at.

Gonna get a "skeleton key" for Walmart's 8pin locks soon, so their cabinets are as good as mine too


Megalomaniac wrote

Back in my day all (?) dvds had those long, often black, security strips on the inside and they were most definitely active. Seems some Blus do too (even the cheap ones.) Is this uncommon on games (hence the various security cases) or is it just double the protection?


Throwdown321 wrote

not even a case, its like one of those display shelfs, i heard those can be open with those 7-8 pin locks you can buy.