Lifting a drone in australia

Submitted by MinecraftLad in Shoplifting

Hi guys, I lift a couple things here and there that I need, mostly easy stuff that fits in my pocket or under my shirt without being seen and i never use a bag because every store wants to see your bag when you leave.

Anyway, I really want a drone, and I'm in Australia so Walmart doesn't exist and the only store that sells actual DJI or other good drones are officeworks and jb hifi. So does anyone know a way to get a drone without getting caught/arrested? Or would it be easier to lift smaller stuff to sell and then buy one?

Officeworks seems pretty easy but they have short shelves so employees can see the entire store and I've been there a couple times and never actually seen any drones around so they're probably behind the counter.

JB hi-fi has a guy at the door who checks everyones receipts and the drones are sometimes in the open but I've never checked if it was just an empty box or not.


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Throwdown321 wrote

a drone seems pretty big to be stolen, in any country. most electronics will have source tags, and multiple ones, so you need a large booster bag, but thats pretty suspicious in-itself


NewlyLifted wrote

If you don’t mind waiting, definitely steal a lot of smaller items. If you get caught with something way less expensive then the punishment probably won’t be as bad as a $1k+ drone. If you are impatient though, you would need a booster bag and just try and find a blind spot. 100% would have a tag.A drone is way too big and the packaging usually isn’t as easy as just pulling it out and placing it in your backpack. Good luck, but it looks like your two options are pretty difficult and not worth the risk in my opinion.