Walking/carrying out

Submitted by ThatOneGuyWithTheFace in Shoplifting

I know this is a tried and true method for many, but how effective is it behind the scenes?

The method plainly suggests to pick out your items (whether in your hands, basket or cart) and then just leave the store without looking back or talking to anyone.

But what happens afterwards? Without any attempt at being discreet, all your actions could be easily seen and recorded by cameras. LP has all five steps on you and clear as day evidence if they look for it.

So, how?


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Drshoplifter wrote

Walkouts are too brazen for me but people do them a lot and get away with it. Its good to find out when lp leaves for the night and do it then


Newt wrote

I once did a walkout totally by accident. One of the employees started chatting with me while I was at the self-checkout, and I forgot to pay for my stuff. I nearly shit myself when I got home and realized I'd just stolen over $100 worth of merchandise. I didn't dare go back.


terrificbuilder wrote

how? easy lp can't touch me. They can block me, they can try to use vocal judo on me to prevent me from leaving or returning the shit but they can't physically restrain me. I go in, grab what I want, and walk out. towers go off? oh well i'm not stopping.


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

My question was about the aftermath. I know you CAN just walk out, but the heist was obvious and they know your face now. Maybe you weren't caught, but you've been found out.


zx1300 wrote

This is a good question, anyone have more info on this? It's been 9 days now guys come on