Walmart Neighborhood Market

Submitted by merraxes in Shoplifting

I went to the walmart neighborhood market near me for the first time and i couldn't seem to find any cameras in the food isles. The only ones i saw were the obvious ones outside and a couple at the cash registers. Are there no cameras in these walmarts or are they using a new, more discreet camera?



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Drshoplifter wrote

Sometimes they use cams that aren’t noticeable. They’re white and cylinder shaped and on the ceiling. I wish to hell it was easier to post pics here...


merraxes OP wrote

Thanks, I'll have to look around for them. I just dont want to look suspicious looking around for cameras lol


Newt wrote

If ever you want to scope a place out for cameras, here's an easy way to look upward without looking suspicious. Wrap an elastic bandage around a knee or ankle and limp a bit, then use one of the electric shopping carts. Since you're sitting down, you have to look upward to see merchandise, the signs above the aisles...which makes it very easy to find the cameras without looking sneaky.


Whatchagonnado wrote

None. Free for all except around pharmacy. Conceal at the cat and dog food, or detergent, or toilet paper. Nice store to get basics for yourself.