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I know this smacks of return fraud, but depending on how you do this, it can involve shoplifting, too. And yeah, I know I'm not reinventing the wheel, but some newbies might find this useful.

Let's say you want some lotion, but it's crazy expensive, and the bottle is so big that you don't want to risk getting caught smuggling it out of the store.

Find something similar at a dollar store. You can either pay the dollar, or else steal it from there, since dollar stores are generally easier to hit.

Go back and buy the expensive lotion, making sure you get it from a store that has a good return policy. Be sure to keep the receipt.

Put the expensive lotion into an empty container you've saved for this purpose. One way is to put it in a ziplock bag. Then you can cut off a little corner of the bag, and squeeze the product into the empty container without spilling much of it.

Now, take the dollar store crap and put it back into the expensive lotion bottle until it's as full as it was when you bought it. Make sure you do a neat job of this, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Return the bottle with your receipt. You've just gotten some expensive lotion for a dollar or less.

You can do something similar with things like pesticides. If the dollar store has nothing you can replace it with, then just use 2/3 of the bottle and refill the rest with water. It will still smell like full-strength pesticide, but you've just sprayed your home for free.

Use your imagination, but be sure to do this at different stores so that nobody notices a pattern.


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Macy5 wrote

Lol hahahaha.

I did that once. But with

External hard drive.

I brought 1TB for $55? Then brought 4TB for $120. Paid both in cash(no trails to me)

Put the 1TB in 4TB box and return it. The employee didn’t take too much of a look at it. Then I got $120 back quick and easy. Basically I paid $55 for a 4TB. Which is like 50% off lol


Newt wrote

Bringing a container into a store and switching the lotion there would be idiotic. Far too much risk of being seen, and a stunt like that could have worse legal ramifications than just shoplifting.

As for returning the items...as I mentioned, you have to keep your receipt for a hassle-free return.


Bigassbit wrote

Sounds like a lot of work for cheaper lotion imo.


PM_me_your_dead_fascists wrote

i have really sensitive/dry skin and cant use cheap lotion because it has so many chemicals in it. it literally causes me to bleed and blister and other unfortunate things. this is a great way to have expensive medicated or dermatologist recommended lotion for a price i can afford.


Macy5 wrote

If you’re going to do this. Better off bringing a container to the store. Open the Lotion and pour it in your container and walk out. Easy as that. Lol


Lurkerz1 wrote

Most places dont require ID if you have the receipt for the item


WavyJessa wrote

Yep, and I think it can certainly be worth it - Sephora has facial lotions that cost over $200 that I’ve lifted. The next time I run out my plan is to buy another one, transfer it into the old bottle, refill with something cheap like Cetaphil and return right away.

I do have some questions about Sephora return fraud though - will they look at my drivers’ license? Obviously you could probably only get away with this once per card as I’m sure they have a return tracking system, but what if I used a different credit/debit card every time? Would their system be able to link all of the different cards to me?


Newt wrote

Never use plastic. Pay cash, keep your receipt, and you'll get cash back without having to show ID. Then deposit the cash back into your bank account.