A boring day

Submitted by Amberzey in Shoplifting

I was so disappointed in my local JCP today. I went looking for business casual and didn't see a single thing I liked. Got one naked palette so the day wasn't a total loss but kinda bummed about the small haul. The other 2 department stores I went to had the overly friendly "count each item" type person so I said fk it. How did y'all do today?


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ComplexNobody wrote

Aw that sucks! I always surprise myself with how picky I can be while lifting, even though it'll be free, i'm picky like i'm paying for it! Had a pretty quiet day but my friend is in need of clothes for her son so I got him 2 pairs of dungarees, 2 pairs of trousers, 3 tops, a pack of vests and a jacket. All from the same store, nice and easy.


Amberzey wrote

I like to lift things that I'm actually going to use. Or, like you, that I know someone will use. I haven't started boosting although closer to the holidays I plan on boosting personal care and makeup. You did great.


PM_me_your_dead_fascists wrote

got spun at my local hardware depot by the fuckin self-chekout worker. had to do a 180 and ended up with nada. im still bitter about it lol


Amberzey wrote

That sucks. Now you gotta watch out for that employee. Probably went and told on you like a punk too.