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terrificbuilder wrote (edited )

how? you go in, take what you want, walk out.

I used to work retail for several years and shoplifted for another several years. here's some tips.

People working retail don't get paid enough to care what you do. the only ones who do care are lifers, management and LP. LP in the majority of stores are hands off. they'll work "vocal judo" on you (Hi /r/lossprevention) but you simply ignore them and walk out. Spider wraps, alarms, tags, whatever mean nothing to me. I don't even conceal anymore. You go in, you grab what you want, you walk out. alarms go off? cool keep walking. Tell you stop? cool keep walking. threaten to call the cops? cool keep walking. 8 times out of 10 cops won't even show, not worth their time.