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Trustwh0m wrote

I would never be so bold as to walk in and just walk out with a haul, but also because I am from NYC where there’s idling cops all around. If one of the employees steps outside and yells STOP and a cop happens to hear it, well, good luck to you.

I’ve swiped from smaller stores by taking pieces off hangers to hold up to my body to “size” it, then placing it over my arm. Grab a bunch of items, as many as you can bring into the fitting room, and you should have equal items to hangers by the time you’ve taken the item you wanted.

There are a number of methods to this. Some might opt for leaving an absolute mess and wake of destruction in the fitting room so that it takes a while for the employee to sift through. I choose the cool and orderly method. I’m respectful and kind to the employees. And then, if they do catch on, I feel as if they won’t be as vindictive.

Good luck...