Best Items to Sell

Submitted by Killua101 in Shoplifting (edited )

im going to go to walmart soon and im wondering whats the best walmart item to steal and make $1K in a week or two of selling?


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terrificbuilder wrote

go on your local craigslist, go to the wanted section, find someone with an ad looking for something you know you can lift, message them, say you have it, agree on a price, steal the item, sell it to them.

I used to clear about 2 grand a week doing this.


Drshoplifter wrote

You need to steal a bunch of stuff to do that. Don’t try to do that now start small first. Get a couple pairs of headphones and just try to make 100 for the week.


ElectroKool wrote

You sell on FB right? Kinda reluctant to sell local. Not sure what to do since I don’t got a credit card.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Ya i do. I live in a large city tho so things sell very fast. They problem tho is that you dont just hit a button and buy things. so it gives people the opportunity to back out.


Lurkerz1 wrote

Any Nest Or Ring products are expensive and flip crazy good


Killua101 wrote

Do they have tags inside them or are they just spider wrapped. where do you sell you products? (Didnt you steal a Nixon camera?)