Do going-out-of-business chains make easy targets?

Submitted by Woolenwolf in Shoplifting

Orchard Supply Hardware is closing all of its stores. It's owned by Lowes, which is also closing a bunch of stores. How would you rate the ease of stealing from a place like that? I'm still in the initial cheap lifts while I get comfortable finding blind spots and having relaxed body language. Think this might be a good step up, I have a few hardware needs.



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ThisIsLogicCalling wrote

It varies to wildly from store to store. How do you know that some LP guy about to lose him is job is waiting to take his anger out on the next person who takes a piece of scrap wood? How do you know what store has a manager that doesn't give a fuck?

There is no way to know this stuff unless you have inside information. But then when you pull off the crime good enough the cops are going to know it was an insider and bam you are caught.


WavyJessa wrote

I mean, scope it out and be careful, but yes I went fucking bananas at American Apparel when they were closing all the retail stores.. like so many trips that I had to get another dresser for all the clothes. I feel like it helps if the employees are younger though, not sure about a hardware store. If you can ask about the exact date of the store closing, it might be easier the closer you get to that date.


Ferrosplice wrote

Most of the time I find that businesses closing stores dont care at all, they are already closing so what do they care of someone steals? Hell, when I was younger a bunch of movie rental places were closing so my dad and I rented a few games and never went back, I still have them. Go for it.


a7824 wrote

From what I've heard yes. I'm gutted I didn't hit toys r us before it closed


Newt wrote

At least at the stores I've been in, security is usually beefed up when stores go out of business. I noticed that at Kmart, Sears, etc. Recently, I was at a department store where I could've robbed them blind, which surprised me.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

Totally depends on the store. Also depends on you. Dress to fit the typical customer, know the layout of the store, helps if you can stage your chosen items so you can be quick and grab them and bolt. I've done several walkouts at hardware stores for an average of $500 each time. Biggest and bests were $1000 and $800. Helps to be strong to so if it's a large item you can get it in your vehicle in seconds and be outta there within a minute.