Sephora question - urgent

Submitted by Sol in Shoplifting

hey folks. I managed a decent haul from sephora at the mall today, didn't get caught or anything like that. I'm just scared that I may have concealed too brazenly and been on the cameras. Is there a chance they will get my plate from the mall parking lot cameras and send cops or something like that to my house? For reference, my haul was about 100 bucks. Thank you in advance.



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Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

No they won't do that. You got away and nothing can be done about it now. The cameras in most parking lots are pretty far away and unable to make out your plate number.


Lurkerz1 wrote

Like DR said EXCEPT for if your haul was rather large like 500-1,000$ range then they may go thru the effort to get your plates and review cameras but for 100$ at Sephora that's like a eyeliner and 2 average palettes lol that's it.


ElectroKool wrote

Never been to Sephora, but how’d you do it. Just take and conceal in a blind spot? Or are they easily pocketable?

Want to know because I’ve heard make-up sells well.


Sol OP wrote

Sephora is notoriously difficult because of its aggressive SAs and many PTZ cameras. I generally go to sephora in the winter time as it’s easier to conceal in the sleeves. I generally conceal in a blind spot and then book it, but you have to be careful, and most importantly act like a real customer. Look at their products, test some out, etc. Dress nice, do your hair and makeup, have a nice handbag and they will generally leave you alone.

If the store is busy, then the cameras are monitored.


LiftMeUp77 wrote

I’ve lifted from Sephora several times and when LP is onto you, they make it VERY obvious (at least from my experience). You’ll be fine—they don’t worry about an amount that low. Stay away from the perfumes/colognes if you can and dress nicely, do your makeup and swatch things/pretend that you’re looking to purchase something. The SA’s will back off if you ask them a question about something you have no intention of lifting. It throws them off and it shows that you’re there to shop. I also carry around one of their shopper totes and use it to my advantage—crowds and blind spots are your friend☺️ Good luck and if you have questions just ask.