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Dystopia_Drifter wrote

Story time.

So years ago I frequented a liquidation outlet store, I got friendly with a cashier there, sometimes she'd follow me if she was stocking shelves so we could chat, it turned into casual flirting. One day I go in and get about $50 worth of items, I see the cashier I've been getting friendly with, looking for any excuse to talk with her more I go to her till. We small talk, she's bagging the goods, we laugh together, she continues bagging the goods, I'm feeling confident with our interactions by now so I ask if she'd like my number. She says she's interested so I write down my number as she frantically bags the last couple items. I hand her my number, she smiles and says thanks, tells me to have a good day, I grab my bags and leave.

So.. I'm elated by this interaction while I'm walking home, I reach into my pocket for a lighter and notice I still have all of my money.. I unintentionally used "smoothtalk" to steal. Things is I gave her my real phone number, I was certain I would get a call. I didn't. I was younger at the time and embarrassed so I never went back. I wasn't wealthy at the time so I was pretty excited for the food, but I have always wondered if there were repercussions for the cashier due to the nature of the theft.


Drshoplifter wrote

You could ask an employee to go to the back and look for something so they’ll be distracted.


Macy5 wrote

Just go in. Look around. Grab some. Steal some and walk out. No interactions as much as possible