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Can I buy something, return it and keep the receipt to "compare the price or smthn" and lift the sane item and return it at a different store or would they somehow notice.



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TenFingerTimmyMD wrote

I use one specific Walmart to just dress/look like a homeless/poor person. Then walk the lot, check each of the trash cans looking for receipts. Make it look like you’re looking for cans. Take them home, and scan/enter each receipt into the app. From there create a “shopping” list, and voila, plenty of items to choose from. Once you’ve lifted a decent amount of those items, return them for the cash.

Keep in mind, only receipts paid for in cash, debit, or shopping cards are any good to you. Also, make sure there was NO discounts of any kind. Returning an item with an associate discount is the fastest way to get bent over.


Newt wrote

Even if they don't mark your receipt, you can't do more than one return with a receipt. They scan the barcode on the receipt, and it shows up on the register if the item has already been returned.


PinkPorcelain wrote

At Walmart it shows up if a item was returned.

Like the UPC shows up so they would know.