DOY Faraday bag

Submitted by RandomNoob in Shoplifting

How did you make your booster bag? I need basically the general idea because I've been looking for some time on the web for informations about building a booster/Faraday bag and I don't know where to start. Like for example,how many layers of foil do I need to stop the lock from sending signals to the tower? Would love to hear from our most experienced members. Thanks


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Drshoplifter wrote

just one layer of foil will work but you want several. or several layers of faraday fabric. its more durable


Yourlocallifter wrote

I bought mine off amazon


RandomNoob wrote

Could you give me a link of it or something similar? I don't really want to spend money on it, would like a homemade one because my bag has a double bottom, I can put whatever I want in it. If I could make a Faraday bag out of it, that would be amazing


Throwdown321 wrote

faraday bags, fabric are bought online. Homemade ones is aluminum foil wrapped in a specific order depending if your using a large bag, purse,,,etc. need a couple layers.