My Days of Lifting Are Numbered

Submitted by willynilly in Shoplifting

What up guys. I'm posting because I want to share my success with someone. I've been lifting for a few years now. Same place couple times a week, but never anything lucrative or with the intent to sell it. I've just been nabbing things that I need or some things that I want here and there. Never been caught. I can't even begin to tell you what the total amount has been over the years, but it's easily in the thousands.

Anyway, I'm moving. Beginning the next chapter of my life. Using the money I've saved to put a down payment on a house. Lol. I figure now that I'll be living with someone and have dual income, I won't have as much of a need to lift so it's time to hang up the gloves while I'm ahead. I never told a soul I know in real life. Didn't need that kind of judgment in my life.

Who knows, maybe if I see an opportunity, I'll bite, but I'm not gonna risk it at this point in time. This place (previously r/shoplifting} gave me all the tips and tricks and knowledge for me to be successful so for that, I thank you. I'm definitely gonna keep lurking and all that jazz so good luck on everybody else's hunts!


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Killua101 wrote

It's tough to let a brave soldier like you go. Good Luck


Drshoplifter wrote

Trust me you won’t stop lifting. Lol


Macy5 wrote

En. Just casual lift. Like let me grab a candy bar or even a pack of beef jerky lol


willynilly wrote

Hahaha, yeah I feel you. It's like second nature at this point. Definitely wanna stop though.


Throwdown321 wrote

its pretty true, you wont stop stealing, even if you have children and so for, if you have done it before. if an opportunity arises , even i would steal or at least price swap. price switching is pretty common amongst married people. i know people who used to or still steal even if they are married.


lift2lift wrote

I have a big ass purse for the candles. Anything else goes in my pockets so it won’t weigh the purse down more.


RandomNoob wrote

Good luck to you in your new life my sir! Hope to still see you on the forum !


Megalomaniac wrote

All the best on this next chapter in your life.

Live long and prosper. 🖖