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ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote (edited )

If the items are small or thin enough, you could always sneak them into the fitting room under some clothing and conceal them there

Edit: I guess that's just general knowledge, but I can't really say much since my Walmart has practically no security


Throwdown321 wrote

im envious people with easy access to walmart, my west coast city does not like walmart type stores, except its pretty infested with TARGET though.


SuperDave wrote

Target will one day cut back on three security. Walmart used to have good security like target and it saves money to make the cut, because security will only catch about 1 in 50 shoplifters even if they’re good.


Throwdown321 wrote

target has history of heightened security, they seem to have ramped it up over the years, Only mall ones that are more than 1 story has the least amount of security(that was main Targets for shoplifting). All the newly built supertargets, or inner city are pretty high shrink so they are on edge alot.