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Thanksreddit wrote

This isn't nest, thus is a totally different company, amazon. Nestv are source tagged. Bring it to a BBB or officemax and it'll beep


Lurkerz1 wrote

Yeah duh sorry I was reading to fast when I commented before my bad G,yeah surprisingly I've never lifted a ring product yet so I cannot say but hoping someone can chime in cause im curious now as well. Actually I take that back I lifted a ring chime pro and a ring chime 2 days ago and they did not set off the doors at Best Buy BUT dont count on that being the way for all there products because those only cost 50 and 30$ respectively so there more expensive products still could be


EasternExpression wrote

No tag I just checked, work at a best buy lol. never stole anything from best buy tho, i follow dont shit where u eat.