8pin lock pick?

Submitted by ThatOneGuyWithTheFace in Shoplifting

Anyone know if there's a cheaper/easier way to get the 8-pin Tubular Lock picking thing?

Only places I've seen it so far is on the official page and what seems to be a distributor (both at $85)

Strange that it's so easy to get a 7pin from the chinese for only $17 šŸ¤”


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youbuyingweselling wrote

walmart is about to get hit super hard. lol. i been noticing they been remodeling a lot of stores and the new 8pin locks is just one thing that is included it seems like, in this remodel. only time will tell what happens lol.


Yourlocallifter wrote

Iā€™d get the 8 pin for $85 because those ones can lock the pin pattern and decode it to make a key