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ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote (edited )

Edit: That square white patch is also a soft tag. Just fyi


Macy5 wrote

Ohhh nicee.

You remove barcodes or the square looking thing


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote (edited )

You could do that, but it would be tedious and maybe make noise you don't want.

There's three options (afaik) for taking these.

  1. First is rare, but check to see if your store's AES towers are active and can pick up a signal from the soft tags (actually take the tag out to test this. You don't want to fail and be caught with merchandise). If not, then don't worry about removing them.

  2. If you see something like this ( unattended, you can use it to disable the soft tags. BUT BE CAREFUL, because they make a sound when they're used. It's not super loud, but it could attract someone to you.

  3. Just use a faraday/booster bag. It will block the signal completely. Easiest method as long as you can maintain your composer while carrying that thing around.