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Throwdown321 wrote

At targets you really cant do walkouts, unless its unguarded entrance, usually not large items, because it usually would result in lp following you. seen all those videos where people tried to do massive hauls and tried to walk out, they were aggressively taken down. TARGET in general is more or less "a bougie" version of walmart, walmart sells the same things for cheaper anyways. Supertargets, are basically supermarkets inside any box store, thats why they have the word super. i WOULD suggest using Mall targets to lift if possible, they are usually the easiest lift from. one of them in the west coast was attached to a mall, 1 entrance to the upper parking lot, 1 on the bottom floor next to public transit hub, 2 upper and lower entrances to the main mall. You can see how difficult to guard 5 simulteanously.