Can't find a blind spot? Make one!!

Submitted by ThatOneGuyWithTheFace in Shoplifting

For starters, I don't think I'm the only one to ever think of this, but I'm still proud of this moment. Lol

So I visited a new Target today and, of course, the ceiling is fucking covered in cameras. About 5 feet between each one (not sure really, but that's what it looked like).

I walked around trying to find where I would be able to conceal some items, but either there was a camera right on top of me or the area was wide and open.

Then I found a great little stack of merchandise with a bunch of them missing almost forming a sort of chair. And THAT is when I realized that there's NO WAY any camera could see inside this little fabricated cubby hole! They can see the aisle length wise, but not within the shelves if there's merch on both sides!!


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RandomNoob wrote

I don't get it, once you found your spot, how in the heck will you conceal merchandise without looking suspicious? It's a pretty hard move to perform


Thanksreddit wrote

Lp knows better. Most people who shop for items only use one hand in the shelves


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

While true, unless they stop and catch you, they still can't prove that you took the items


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

i frequent SUPERTARGETS, most of them are supertargets that are also new. and have tons of cameras, the ones that did have a blindspot, has been covered by 1 or more cameras. if the cameras can see any part of your body, and you suddenly went back into the view of cameras without the merchandise they will become suspicious. the new targets are pretty up there in LP patrols. first they have at least 1-2 teams of lp patrolling, not all the time, but you will know they are there. There is also 1 LP dedicated to the security cameras, he is usually looking at a security moniter that has acess to 9-12 cameras at once, he will be constantly looking at it, they often move the security podium around to confuse shoplifters false sense of security. THier cameras, are high tech heard from other people and my own experience. THe cameras can track you throughout the stores, simply as you move to another camera, that camera already recognizes you and start tracking you. they have the abily to move thier cameras to get better angles. And i have seen on the security moniter when no ones looking that they can immediately switch to a specific camera on the moniter. these new targets are pretty difficult to steal at, because of the active lp patrol, this is the reason why i dint steal anything more than a "Selsun blue" right now. ive been going back to new targets just to test out thier LP situations.

MORE OFTEN than not sometimes thier lp is nowhere to be found, so its best to steal at these times.


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

Thanks for your input!

I started going to them not too long ago and, save for one, they're all super targets. 8 runs so far (i think) totaling about $500+ in value.

I did notice some ... peculiar... movement from customers at times, but I was able to either lose them or bore them into leaving. Never encountered aggressive hospitality or exit door "parties".

I know the golden rule of not getting greedy, so I stuck to small quantities and small sizes; and I've made sure to leave PLENTY of time between visits.

All in all, I'm still extremely cautious of those camera infested places (definitely not a walk in the park like Walmart). I also don't underestimate their power when it comes to LP and surveillance.

Only time will tell how this all plays out.


Throwdown321 wrote

At targets you really cant do walkouts, unless its unguarded entrance, usually not large items, because it usually would result in lp following you. seen all those videos where people tried to do massive hauls and tried to walk out, they were aggressively taken down. TARGET in general is more or less "a bougie" version of walmart, walmart sells the same things for cheaper anyways. Supertargets, are basically supermarkets inside any box store, thats why they have the word super. i WOULD suggest using Mall targets to lift if possible, they are usually the easiest lift from. one of them in the west coast was attached to a mall, 1 entrance to the upper parking lot, 1 on the bottom floor next to public transit hub, 2 upper and lower entrances to the main mall. You can see how difficult to guard 5 simulteanously.