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So there's this local market, I've been hitting it for 3 months now. It has your usual black domes and stuff. Now, the market really has no tech,ie. Expensive stuff, mostly groceries and you know supplies. At the start I've been rather careful but last month I've been doing it recklessly (walk down the aisle, take stuff from cart and put it in my school bag). I don't really have any indication I'm being busted, but, the blind spot I've been using the first month and a half, I just noticed yesterday there was a fucking camera right above it. Is it possible I just never saw it and the market doesn't really have working cameras besides the one at the cash register, or am I neck deep in shit? I've been kind of greedy (hitting it daily, sometimes couples of times a day). Any recommendations?



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Lurkerz1 wrote

Honestly your probably good right now BUT as someone mentioned in this line of work just because you've made it thus far doesnt mean continuing. My suggestion is stop hitting them multiple times in a day,definitely switch up your blindspot in fact continuously do this so you never have a pattern, and lastly find a couple other stores to throw in the mix so you dont hit any of them that often.


Ferrosplice wrote

If you've been doing it for three months and they haven't done anything, you're good. If that was a working camera (or they cared) you would have gotten stopped after a couple weeks.


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

If we want to get serious here, we could say that he's BEEN good for the past 3 months. But maybe one of his most recent visits got him noticed.

Not saying it's true or not. Just that it's a possibility.


Drshoplifter wrote

find a different blind spot. they wont catch you unless you keep using that spot