Has anyone been caught at Walmart?

Submitted by madmaggs in Shoplifting

Walmart is one of my favorite places to go I’ve only had one bad experience and it wasnt even really a “bad” one. One of the women at the front who stand by the door was whispering to another employee to watch my friends and I as we went through self check out. Which could have been for any number of reason but regardless we walked out with no issue (we had already concealed and were actually purchasing these things).

With so many blind spots and LP that leaves after a certain time I feel like Walmart is one of the best places but am I getting too comfortable? Does anyone actually have any bad stories from there?


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Drshoplifter wrote

I peppered sprayed a dumb ass manager. The alarm went off and I thought he was going to try to put his hands on me to stop me. Management isn’t trained, I used to do lp at Walmart. They are t supposed to detain you for the alarm. Other than that it’s my favorite place to steal.